Calvert i-Library

Calvert i-Library

The Calvert i-Library is included with all enrollments. This valuable tool provides access to Calvert Reference Tools and supplemental online activities that are grade-specific and interactive. The Calvert i-Library also includes website reviews, an interactive astronomy program, and a suite of online reference tools including encyclopedias, atlases, and a dictionary and thesaurus (a $60 value).

Students access i-Library through their Calvert Learning Portal.

Features of Calvert i-Library

Access to Britannica Online

Considered the finest online learning portal, this site gives you full access to several valuable resources:

  • the full content of the 32 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica
  • the Concise Encyclopedia
  • the Britannica Student Encyclopedia
  • the World Atlas
  • a multimedia library featuring thousands of images, audio and video clips that bring the text to life

The members-only site is free of advertising, and is a $60 value.

Calvert Online Reference Library

In one convenient location you’ll find valuable tools developed by Calvert over the last 100 years. Shape planners, maps, and other tools used in your lessons can be downloaded here.

Astronomy Explorer

Our interactive astronomy program allows your child to explore the night sky in your area with star charts updated through NASA. Visit the international space station from your home.

Reviews of Websites

We’ve reviewed and rated the top educational websites to help you make smart decisions on where to let your child explore on the Internet. Sorted by subject matter, this resource will maximize your child’s time spent online. New reviews added throughout the year.